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Music Database

Title Artist First Line
Vito's Ordination Song Sufjan Stevens I always knew you in your mother's arms View
Voice of the Beloved Glen Galaxy Many waters can not quench your love View
Wade in the Water Traditional Wade in the water, View
Wading Deep Waters I am wading deep waters trying to get home View
Wait on the Lord Wait on the Lord View
Waiting to Find You Lord I know you’ll stay by my side View
Wakan Tanka Wakan Tanka, Toka Heya View
Wake Up Our Faith We are surrounded, sometimes confounded View
Walk With Me Sandra McCracken Walk with me quiet View
Walk with Me My Living God Anonymous Walk with Me View
Walking in the Light Arranged by Greg Jehanian Walking in the light the beautiful light View
Wanderers Angie Backues Petersen We are wanderers View
Wandering Shepherd Dan Fogelberg Wandering shepherd, wander no more View
Wash Away We’ve got troubles Lord, but not today View
Wash Me John P Kee View
Watchmen (Psalm 130) Dan Becker Out of the depths I cry for mercy, Lord. Hear my voice; I need forgiveness, Lord. View
We are a Moment Lynn DeShazo & Gary Sadler We are a moment, You are Forever View
We Are Alive Rob Foster We hold on to you, hold on to love. View
We are All Lepers Here Psalters We are all lepers here View
We are Broken Paramore I am outside View
We Are God's Handiwork Raleigh Booze We are God's Handiwork View
We are going home In the morning, when the trumpet is sounding View
We Are Not Separate Circle of Hope Audio Art we are not, we are not, we are not separate from the earth, from each other, from the divine View
We Are So Weary Justin Hollinger . View
We Are the Shepherds Lowland Hum So here is the stable and there is the manger View
We Are Trees Greg Jehanian What would it matter if a tree should shatter? View
We are walking in the light of God (Siyahamba) We are walking in the light of God (Siyahamba) View
We Bow Down Robin Mark We bow down and confess View
We Deserve! Steven Hess View
We Do Rise Too Jeana Master We will get our thirst met by love View
We Don't Need These Chains Tim Reardon O my son Philemon, refresh my childrens' hearts View
We Exalt Your Name Kari Jobe Spirit come and change the atmosphere View
We Gather Together Adrianus Valerius We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing View
We Have Overcome Bill Bathstone We have overcome View
We Plow the Fields and Scatter Matthias Claudius We plow the fields, and scatter the good seed on the land View
We Praise Your name Dave Pinchom We Praise Your Name View
We Rely We Rely View
We Shall Not be Moved Traditional We shall not be moved View
We Shall Overcome Charles Albert Tindley We shall overcome View
We Sing Our Love to You Jimmy Weitzel Help us Lord View
We Thank You Lord Nate Wissler View
We thank you, Our Maker Broken Walls Yah way yah View
We Three Kings John H. Hopkinds We three kings of Orient are View
We Wait Jeana Master You will swallow up death forever View
We Walk in the Light Angie Backues Petersen You’re on my side, Lord, I am safe. I walk towards your righteousness View
We Wear the Dust of Ashes Tom Conry We wear the dust, the ashes of the good we’ve failed to do View
We Will Dance David Ruis Sing a song of celebration. Lift up a shout of praise View
We Will Make it Whole View
We Will Praise Him Still Fernando Ortega When the morning falls View
We Will Rise (out of the ashes) Angie Backues Petersen We will rise out of ashes View