Khenoronkhwa (Jesus is good medicine)

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Title Khenoronkhwa (Jesus is good medicine)
Artist Broken Walls/Jonathan Maracle
Lyrics Excerpt Yesos, Ga No Ron Kwa, Hi Ya Weh Hi Yo

YESOS, GA NO RON KWA, HI YA WEH HI YOYESOS, GA NO RON KWA, HI YA WEH HI YO (from liner notes) Two weeks before my father died, I was at his house and he was sharing about the love we need to have for the Word. As he wept and cried out his love for Jesus, he held up his Bible and said, "You must fall in love with this book, Jonnie...everything you'll ever need for life is in here." Then he began to tell me about "Khenoronhkhwa," the Mohawk word for Love and Medicine. He said, "You must tell the world about the message in this word, that Jesus is Loving Medicine."...done to the beat of the Mohawk Round Dance.


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