Were You There?

Title Were You There?
Artist Traditional
Lyrics Excerpt Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

Explanation for song: We engage in holy week practices to connect our lives to the story of Jesus in the Bible. James Cone talks about the experience of the black church in relating to Scripture and says: Through the reading of Scripture, the people hear other stories about Jesus that enable them to move beyond the privateness of their own story; through faith because of divine grace, they are taken from the present to the past and then thrust back into their contemporary history with divine power to transform the sociopolitical context. This event of transcendence enables the people to break the barriers of time and space as they walk and talk with Jesus in Palestine along with Peter, James, and John. They can hear his cry of pain and experience the suffering as he is nailed on the cross and pierced in the side. That's what we're doing with this next song, both going backwards in time and also bringing the experience of being with Jesus forward with us into in our lives.


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