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Music Database

Title Artist First Line
Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us Dorothy A. Thrupp Savior, like a shepherd lead us, much we need your tender care View
See His Glory Rich Cook See His glory, See His glory, View
See This Bread See this bread; Take and eat and live in Me. View
Seeing You Matt Redman This is a time for seeing and singing View
Seek Ye First Seek ye first the kingdom of God View
Selah Riley Hulfish To the Lord View
Serenade of Living Water Ben Rosenbach Save us Lord Jesus, Save us Lord Jesus View
Set Aside Marquita Hamilton, Patrick Ciak-Linton, Dan McGowan I have hungered, and feasted on my sin View
Shake Me Into Your Grace Ben White Your love is knocking at my heart's front door View
Shalom Rav Shalom Rav al yisrael amcha View
Shelter Me O God Bob Hurd Shelter Me O God View
Shepherd Me O God Marty Haugen Shepherd me O God View
Shepherds Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep Traditional Shepherds! Shake off your drowsy sleep View
Shine a Light Dan McGowan Shine a light in the dark in the corners of my heart View
Shine Jesus Shine Lord the light of Your love is shining View
Shout to the North Martin Smith Everyone, rise up and sing View
Show Me Your Way (A Prayer) Angie Backues Petersen Show me Your way Teach me the cross View
Sia Humbe, Kuken Yeni Kwenkwos Sia Humbe, Kuken Yeni Kwenkwos View
Sianer (Jesus Died That I Might Live) Broken Walls/Jonathan Maracle Way yo HEY YO, way yo hi yo View
Silent Night Joseph Mohr Silent night, holy night! View
Silo James Porter Silo You are where I am home Stored for my place on the Milling stone View
Silver and Gold Kirk Franklin I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold View
Silver Bells View
Simeon's Song James Beauregard, Keri Taylor Here I wait hoping for God to mend View
Simple Gifts Seth Martin View
Simple Gospel United Pursuit I want to know you, Lord, like I know a friend View
Since I am So Sick Don Chaffer Since I am so sick, since I am in need, since the healing falters within me View
Sing Allelulia Sing alleluia to the Lord (Sing alleluia to the Lord) View
Sing Glad Out to the Lord Anonymous Sing Glad Out to the Lord View
Sing Unto God William J. Kirkpatrick Sing unto God, our Hope and our Deliv’rer; View
Sing Unto The Lord a New Song Sing unto the Lord a new song View
Siyakudumisa Siyakudumisa View
So Close Hillsong I'm so secure View
So I Fall You are all I need View
So sweet is the sound So sweet is the sound, When Your glory comes down View
So Wide We are blood bought children (so wide) View
Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling Will Thompson Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, View
Solidarity Prayer Song Frankford & Norris Worship Teams View
Something Beautiful Alexi Murdoch May the Grace of God be with you always View
Something New Angie Backues Petersen Something new something brand new View
Sometimes by Step Rich Mullins Sometimes the night was beautiful View
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Sometimes I Feel Like a motherless child View
Somos Evangelistas Somos evangelistas que caminamos, que caminamos Llevando su palabra por donde andamos, por donde andamos View
Somos uno en Cristo Somos uno en Cristo View
Soon and Very Soon Andrae Crouch Soon and very soon we are going to see the King View
Sound and Noise John Lattanzio Not to us Lord, not to us, but to Your name all praise View
Sow Good Seeds Lil McClintock Sow good seeds everybody View
Spirit Switchfoot Spirit fall fresh on me View
Spirit Light the Way Jimmy Weitzel With You and friends I find a home View
Spirit of God, Unseen as the Wind Margaret Old/Richard Irwin. Adapted Spirit of God, unseen as the wind, gentle as is the dove View